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3D Compositing: Aerial Dogfight

Using 3D models in Photoshop to Create an Aerial Dogfight Scene

In this 3D compositing course, we will create a dramatic aerial dogfight scene by importing 3D models from free resources then using Photoshop 3D to create the basic scene then proceed to add battle damage with fire and particle effects. This will show you the power of 3D compositing as you can manipulate the position and lighting to cater to your scene rather than using regular photos which limit you. Along the way, we get creative with brush and blending effects that you can use on other projects. It is a fun creative exploration. I personally learned a few new things just creating the course.

As usual, I have supplied low-res versions of the working files and the finished layered file from the course so you can see how the image is put together. I have also provided the relevant Adobe Stock numbers below if you wish to purchase the hi-res version.

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker