3D Holiday Gingerbread Man

Learn How to Create a Custom Gingerbread Man with Realistic Texture and Lighting

   Project Intro

So I am continuing my holiday food theme I started last week with the holiday chocolate effect. This week we are going to create a gingerbread man in Photoshop 3D complete with realistic texture and lighting and a few other cool effects along the way. Once you learn the technique, play around different shapes using the same effect. You could even make gingerbread text. SO many possibilities! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

What you will learn:

• Create 3D Shapes from 2D Reference Image
• Surface and Lighting Effects
• Customize Texture for 3D
• More Cool Brush Effects
• and much more!

User Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Project Contents

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker