3D Text Effects - Apples & Oranges

Learn How to Create 3D Text and Then Add Texture to Resemble Real Fruit

This week we will explore creating visual idioms by taking the commonly used apples and oranges and create the text in 3D and then dress it with textures that will not only give a realistic appearance but will also influence the way the surfaces receive 3D light so that the surface reflects the light similar to the way the actual fruit would. It is yet another example of the level of realism you can achieve with a texture and simple text.

What you will learn:

• Modify 2D textures for 3D
• Format Text and Convert to 3D
• How to edit surface properties to add realism
• Lighting Effects
• and much more!

User Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker