Creative Effects with Fuse Characters in Photoshop

See how to use Fuse characters in different ways to create special texture effects

   Project Intro

In this project you will see how to take a simple character model from Adobe Fuse and then bring it into Photoshop to add some creative texture skinning effects to create some amazing results. In addition, you will see how to use Photoshop 3D to animate and position the character and into a more dramatic pose. This project will show you yet again how to think differently with 3D and compositing in Photoshop. If you do not have Fuse, no problem. I have provided a psd file with the character already placed. Just be aware, you may still be limited in some features without Fuse.

What you will learn:

• Use Adobe Fuse to Create a Simple Model
• Create Illuminated Texture Effects on 3D Surface
• Create Custom Burning Effects
• Add Atmospheric Effects
• and much more!

User Level: Intermediate- Advanced

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker