3D Wood Shop - Create an Old Fashioned Wood Sign

Learn How to Create an Old Fashioned Wood sign with Lights

In this project course we are going to build a wood sign entirely using 3D. You once again see how the power of textures and lighting can give you amazing realistic results. Here we will build the basic shapes and then add simple wood textures and then a little 3D magic to make them look so real you can almost feel the roughness in the texture. Take your 3D skills up a notch with new Master FX Training exclusive!

What you'll learn:

• Create custom 3D objects from scratch
• Combine 3D objects
• Modify Textures on 3D objects
• How to Create Bumps maps quickly
• Create illuminated objects for lighting effects
• and much more!

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker