Custom 3D Art - Macro Shot of a Ballpoint Pen

Learn how to create custom 3D art from scratch and turn it into a realistic macro shot

This project is a reboot of an effect I did several years ago when Photoshop 3D was still very new. It was quite limited compared to what it is today which is why I wanted to revisit it. You will see how to create multiple custom shapes then convert them to 3D and then add textures, lighting, and camera effects to create a realistic macro shot. All this without using a single photo!

What you will learn:

• Create Custom Vector Shapes to Convert 3D
• Merge Multiple 3D Objects
• Create Custom Texture and Light Effects
• Use Camera settings to achieve intense macro look
• and much more!

User Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker