Realistic 3D Cardboard Cutout Effect

Learn How to Create Cardboard Effect with Realistic Texture Effects

This week I revisit and effect I played with back when 3D first showed up in Photoshop. See how you can create a realistic cardboard texture effect in Photoshop but this is 3D so you would expect the edges of cardboard to have the corrugated look. Here will will create that effect using just two textures and we will also make it appear as though the text was cut out of a larger piece of cardboard. Another example of the flexibility of 3D in Photoshop.

What you will learn:

• Modify textures for 3D
• Create Positive & Negative 3D Cutouts
• Add and Modify Textures on 3D Surfaces
• Cameras & Lighting
• and much more!

User Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Project Contents

Your Instructor

Corey Barker
Corey Barker